Community Partnerships


Every organization starts out like building blocks. A community partnership is just adding on a block or two to the current ones, making them better with a stronger foundation.

A child’s life is no different. The building blocks are actually the portrayal of building up a child’s life, just like you built your organization up from scratch. Knowing how difficult it is to build your organization, you would understand how important it is to see the difficulty of raising a child. That is why we need non-profit organizations like yours to help us make that difference, by helping families to raise a child and making it less difficult.

Working Together


Thankfully, there are many others out there that have the same goal of making the world a better place for families and young children. Till this date, we have a number of non-profit organizations that are collaborating with us to create a better future by trying to alleviate the diaper crisis that is happening across the country. Without the help of our community partners, we would not have been able to react and recover as quickly from disasters that plagued the country. One such example was Hurricane Harvey.

Due to the tragedy, hospitals in Texas saw a 17% spike in birth rates, which actually left many families in despair as they had to cope with the post-disaster mayhem, and having to look after their newborns. As a result, there was also an increase in diaper needs, as many of the families did not have the income to support themselves after the disaster. Hence, our community partners play a huge role for without them, we would not have been able to help as many families and children.

Change a Diaper, Change a Life